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Counseling and Support for Families with Children With Special Needs
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Mayda Taney

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Help For Parents Navigating The IEP Process

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Seattle, Tacoma Support for People with Disabilities and their Families
Counseling and Support for Families with Special Needs Children
Understanding the Challenges of Disabilities
and the IEP Process, Individual Education Plan
  • Assistance for parents in advocating their child's needs
  • Support for parents as they are expected to be treated as an equal participant in developing the IEP, Individual Education Plan
  • Parents and caregivers are crucial members of the IEP team with knowledge of their child's needs and strengths
  • Coping with anxiety, fear, and loneliness that may come with caring for a child with disabilities or special needs
  • Learn ways to find peace with the challenges you're facing
What are reasonable healthy goals for school and home?
Using my 14 years as a special ed teacher, I can help parents understand the needs and ramifications of their child's disability. I coach parents on being effective advocates with the schools that increases cooperation and collaboration, providing more consistency between home and school for the child. I help parents navigate the IEP process, what are reasonable and healthy goals for school and home.
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