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Mayda Taney - Grief Therapist
Bereavement Support for Women Seattle-Tacoma
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Grief Support for Women
Mayda Taney, Grief Therapist


Bereavement, Grief Support for Women
Seattle to Tacoma WA
Seattle, Tacoma Grief Support for Women
"grief and loss can be overwhelming, you are not alone"
Grief Support & Counseling For Women
  • You are not alone, open to others who are grieving
  • Gain support and wisdom from each other
  • Learn about the stages of grief and how to move through them
  • Coping With Trauma, Bereavement, Anxiety, Fear, Lonliness
  • Learn ways to find peace with the grieving process
  • Learn from others who know what itís like
Women's Bereavement Support Group

10 week grief support group sessions will resume again in 2013. Please contact Mayda if you would like to be notified when the new session dates are available.

These 10 week group sessions will focus on a blend of activities to offer members time to share their sorrow, stories and achieve understanding of the grieving process. There will also be practical support from other members on how to cope with taking care of all the things your husband might have done such as finances and household chores. Mayda Taney, as a board certified art therapist, will provide creative activities to help express and let go of grief, simple, brief and enjoyable. Anyone interested can also seek individual counseling until the group starts. Mayda does not accept Medicare but is on many of the insurance panels serving the Puget Sound area.

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